Pet Friendly Pawkee Candle

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Pawkee has combined their love of pets together with their love of handcrafted candles.

It all started during Toronto's first lockdown, when Pawkee's co-founder Julie took up the hobby of candle making.  After learning about the ingredients of candles, both Julie and Pawkee's other co-founder Jo, discovered that the majority of shop bought candles contained paraffins and other toxic chemicals harmful to animals. 

 It was at this point Pawkee decided to handcraft a candle that could create a pleasant aroma, as well as being safe to burn around pets.

Julie spent months perfecting two candle recipes, which Pawkee is now delighted to offer for sale. 'Paws & Relax' is made of sage and lavender, creating a stress reliving aroma, reminding you to take a breath and just relax. 'Welcome Home' is made of clary sage and refreshes any living space with that feeling of kicking off your shoes and sitting back on the couch.


Made of 100% soy wax, hand-poured in Toronto, these candles are the gem of any home. An exceptionally thoughtful stocking stuffer this holiday, or just a gift for yourself! Purchase now while stocks last.