VET Appointment

Pawkee can now attend vet appointments on your behalf.

  You can’t take the time off work

 You have plans that can’t be changed

 Health restrictions are preventing you


Whatever the reason, Pawkee is here to help. We come to your home, pick up your pet, drive to your vet, attend the appointment and then inform you of exactly what the vet advises. You will remain the decision maker on how you would like to deal with any medical issues your pet may have. Pawkee will act on your behalf throughout, so that nothing is done without your knowledge.

Rates for attending the appointment are $30 per hour plus the journey to and from your home to the vet. A full write up (if required) of the appointment and vet’s advice will be included as part of the service.


To Book please fillout this form and we will back to you soon