Why In-home Pet Sitting is Better than Boarding

Pet sitting, as opposed to boarding, is where a professional, fully insured sitter comes to your home at a scheduled time, to feed, play with, clean up after and even walk your pet. It’s available to all pets of all shapes and sizes. We meet you and your fur baby at a time convenient to you, to allow you to show us where everything is kept in your home, what food they like, what litter they use - all the finer details. Then, when you’re off enjoying your vacation, or even stuck in the office working late, Pawkee has you covered!

Here’s why pet sitting is better than boarding:
Why In-home Pet Sitting is Better than Boarding

  1. Less Stress.

Pets don’t like being in unfamiliar places. The new sights, sounds and smells can stress out even the most cool cat. The scents and sounds of other animals can send your fur baby into sensory overload, mix that with the fact their owner is leaving, and it can be a recipe for disaster.
  1. Healthier and Safer

When you bring your pet into an environment with lots of other pets, they are mixing with all the other germs and bacteria. Highly contagious infections such as Kennel Cough is rampant in dog kennels. Don’t risk exposure, no one wants to come back from vacation to pick up a poorly puppy.
  1. Routine

Stick to the same routine your pet is used to by arranging a Pawkee sitter to come to your home at a scheduled time. Pets crave the consistency of daily routine, throw this out and you may be looking at increased anxiety.
Why In-home Pet Sitting is Better than Boarding in Toronto,Ontario
  1. Security

Know that your home is safe as well as your beloved pet! We come to your home, so you don’t need to worry about leaving that eggplant in the oven, or that tap running in the bathroom. Plus we can switch on/off lights and radios to deter burglars. We’ll even bring in your mail and water your plants!
  1. Total Peace of Mind

We send updates after every visit and not just automated responses, but real stories about what happened, what they loved, how they’re feeling and we even send adorable photos!
Why In-home Pet Sitting is Better than Boarding
  1. Transport

With your busy schedule, the last thing you need to worry about is how or when to get your pet to the boarder. Worry no more, as not only do we come right to your home, but your beloved pal will be waiting for you when you return home!
Why In-home Pet Sitting is Better than Boarding
  1. Additional Services

Pawkee now offers in-home spa treatments, which they can do while sitting! Leaving your cat with long nails and in need of a brush? Pawkee will add on a nail trim and brush with a 50% discount when visiting your pet. Come home to a spruced up furbaby with no worry, stress or lost time!