Why Christmas Decorations are just so Irresistible to Cats

It’s that time of year again, choose the perfect tree, brush off the decorations, hang the wreath - but you know who’s lurking in the corner ready to pounce. From the perfect hunter, darting between shadows, to the bumbling, clumsy kitty; you know it’s only a matter of time before those perfect decorations are wrecked. But why? With all the other furniture in your home, why oh why do cats choose to capture the most prized Christmas delights?


Cats are clever, there’s no doubt about it. They need stimulating environments to keep them occupied. They are accustomed to all the everyday furniture in the house, they know their dimensions, they know if they can jump on them, claw them, hide in them...but what’s this? A tree….inside the house? And, wait….little shiny things on the tree!? Well Christmas really has come early for your kitty. As the saying goes, ‘curiosity killed the cat’, cats are innately curious, they have evolved to explore and discover new things everyday. So when you deck the halls with all the Christmas decorations, cats NEED to check them out - and in checking them out, they undoubtedly disturb the order you have spent hours creating.


Shiny, precarious, little toys hanging all over the home, cats see them as new exciting prey, so don’t blame them for being curious, it’s what makes them cats! In an attempt to distract your buddy from attacking the decorations, be sure to give them plenty of playtime with toys they are meant to, or allowed to play with. To try and keep the decorations in some order, you could hang the decorations out of reach of your kitty, although they are natural born hunters and can jump surprisingly high distances. When putting your tree up, try placing it in a corner, put a pin or small screw into the wall and wrap string around the screw, proceed to wrap string around the trunk of your tree and then back around the screw, this may keep it balanced while a certain someone is jumping on the tree!

Remember even though that whirlwind ball of destruction may try and test your patience - cats are just being cats, it’s what they do! Enjoy this holiday season even if it means resetting the decorations every morning! Don’t forget to book cat sitting visits at pawkee.com while you’re visiting family and friends over the holidays. We’ll be sure to give them plenty of playtime in a hope for them to avoid the decorations!