When Chili Dog isn't on the Menu!

Dogs need the great outdoors for exercise, playtime, socialization and of course, bathroom breaks, but with the temperature rapidly dropping outside, it’s time to make sure your pup stays comfortable. Just like humans, dogs need protection from the elements and some, more than others.




Here are some things to consider to ensure you have a fun and safe snowy season:

  1. Breed

Some dogs are right at home in the snow; Keeshonds, Shiba Inu’s, Malamutes and Bernese Mountain Dogs to name but a few. These dogs are bred for freezing temperatures with dense undercoats, harsh outer coats, thick ears and stout, furry paws.

In comparison; Dobermans, Chihuahuas, Border Collies and Whippets are built for warmer climates. They have thin, light coats, so they don’t overheat, although be sure to use vet approved sunblock in sunny weather!

  1.   Size

While it may seem that larger dogs are better equipped for the cold, you should also consider body fat as a layer of insulation. Some large dogs have thin, muscular builds and light fur, so still require a jacket to keep warm.

  1. Age

As well as size and breed, you should also consider your dog’s age. As your dog gets older, his bones and joints may start to deteriorate which can lead to pain and stiffness - these problems can be exacerbated by cold weather. Puppies are also more vulnerable to cold weather as they don’t have the strength or build to fight the lower temps.

  1. You!

Common sense also plays a big part in keeping your pup safe this winter. If you find it cold outside, then take a moment to research the right jacket for your furry friend.

Always keep a close eye on your dog when outside in cold weather, watch for symptoms which could indicate discomfort, or even hypothermia such as; shivering, slow breathing, lethargy, fixed pupils or muscle stiffness.

You should also consider your pup’s comfort, make sure his jacket is not too thick and heavy. Excessive panting, scratching at the jacket, or even a general lack of enthusiasm about wearing it, can all be signs of overheating.

Let’s have fun this snowy season, enjoy the outdoors with your pooch by keeping them comfortable and energized! Book now at pawkee.com for pet sitting and dog walks, trust us to take care of your furbabies when you’re out!