Top Instagram Profiles to follow this Spring

We all love opening our Instagram and being greeted with bright, beautiful photos of cute dogs and cats, so we’re here to let you know who you need to follow in 2022! From the cutest, to the quirkiest, to the down right most adorable, these Instagram accounts will keep you entertained, and the best part? They all live in Toronto! So you can fangirl over their profiles, with the chance of actually meeting them out and about!


We’d like to kick off the list with @goose_greyhound (11.8k followers). Part Greyhound, part Husky, this rescue from Quebec is totally as gorgeous as she sounds. We are OBSESSED with her video memes and can see why she has her own TikTok profile @gooseberrygreyhound Keep up the good work Gooseberry, we love ya!



Second on our list is @diaryofollie (17k followers). This British Shorthair boy is as cute as he is smart, planning world domination, he is certainly stealing our hearts. Do: give him catnip sushi toys, don’t: wake him up early on a Monday.




@noodlethetoller (37.7k followers) is next on our list. Can we just take a moment to digest how BEAUTIFUL this girl is? We love our Duck Tolling Retrievers and if you’re unfamiliar with this breed, check out Noodle now! She’s certainly sassy and has a penchant for taking upside down naps. We just can’t get enough of her!





Next on our list is @gangofblues (11.2k followers), not one, but TWO gorgeous Russian Blues! Follow their adventures from Lithuania, to Singapore, to Canada! Currently relaxing in Toronto, Nana and Vincas are just puurrfect.




Last, but by no means least, is @hey_its_theodore (12k followers). Full name Theodore Henry, this dancing Frenchie will keep you entertained for sure! He loves to hike, practice his yoga skills and of course, dance! We love his fashion sense and how he knows how to work the camera, what’s not to love?




We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of which pampered pets to follow this year. Don’t forget to like and follow them so you never miss a moment! Our own Instagram @pawkeepetsitting is full of ALL kinds of pets that we’ve had the pleasure of caring for, or catch us on TikTok @pawkeepetsitting for hilarious videos of our furry friends!