The most Pawesome CYBER MONDAY Deals

The countdown is on! You have your gift list, you’ve even checked off most of it after hours of trawling the internet and the aisles of Walmart, but hang on, there’s one important person you can’t forget! Your little bundle of joy, your whirlwind of destruction, your furbaby of course! He’s given you unequivocal love all year round, so now it’s time to return the favour - but what gift to give the guy that has it all?

Here’s a few ideas to guarantee your furbaby will be thoroughly spoiled this holiday:

  1. The Sophisticated Harness

This holiday season your little one won’t just join you on your adventures, but he’ll be the trendiest motherclucker of all. Check out this waistcoat themed harness; suave, sophisticated, everything your pet knows he is. Get it here

  1. Pet Bathrobe

Let your pet not only be the cutest little stud muffin in town, but also the most comfortable! This is the ultimate fashion accessory for your little one; stylish, warm, super absorbent, this robe combines adorableness with practicality. Trust us, you’ll pet will thank us! Get it here

  1. Cat Capsule Backpack

Feel bad leaving your feline at home? Now with this cleverly designed backpack, he will never miss a thing! Combine the comfort of a backpack with this capsule inspired pet carrier. Your pal will be able to observe all the goings on within the safety and security of his own little cabin. Get it here

  1.  GPS Tracker Collar with LED Light

Safety first with this multifunctional collar. Always know where your pal is with this GPS tracking device combined with an LED light for those dark evening walks. Link the collar up to your phone app and never question the location of your pooch again. Get it here

  1. The LED Light Bounce Ball

Don’t let those dark nights ruin the fun, play no matter what time of day! Your pup loves chew toys, no question, but now combine the toy with LED fun. Get it here

  1. Hand Held Pet Shower

This uniquely designed shower head is perfect for all your doggie cleaning needs. Soft, rubber material gentle massages your pooch ensuring comfort for even the most stubborn pets. Perfect water pressure combined with an anti-slip handle makes this accessory a must have. Get it here

  1. The Catnip Cushion

Spoil your kitty this Christmas with catnip and cushions! We know they love to play fight, catching their prey tight in their grip and now they receive an extra reward with that fine scent of catnip! Fish themed designed make them the purrfect gift! Get it here


  1. Outdoor 1-in-2 Harness and Dog Backpack

Ever wondered why your strong statured pooch doesn’t carry his own belongings? This backpack for dogs allows your pooch to safely and securely carry water, bowls, treats, poop bags...any number of items he’ll need on his daily walks. Get it here