Your Pet's Wellbeing

Here at Pawkee we believe in light hearted fun and we try not to take life too seriously. However, one issue has come to our attention and it’s something that we need to discuss. It’s the issue of animal welfare; your pet’s physical and mental wellbeing while you’re away.


Cat Sitting in Toronto, Pawkee Pet Sitting


Let’s get real for a second; pets don’t just need to be fed and watered, they need human contact, love and playtime. They thrive in stimulating environments that imitate the wild, where they innately derive from. Yes you can get an automatic feeder and leave your cat for 2 weeks, or use your new App to drop feed some kibble into a bowl when your iphone reminds you - but is this good pet parentship? Our pets need so much more than this!




Here at Pawkee you can rely on us to feed your pet, refresh their water and clean their litter, but we go the extra mile at no extra cost. We nurture your furbabies, allow them to thrive, play with them and show them love and affection. Yes they will undoubtedly miss you while you’re gone, but with all the attention we give them, their overall wellbeing can be maintained. Just be sure to book enough visits!


Kitties sitting in Toronto by Pawkee Pet Sitting


Pawkee recommends at least one 1 hour visit every 24 hours and more depending on the age and characteristics of you pet. For example, if you have a 3 month old kitten, you should book at least three 1 hour visits each day. Young pets who have recently been separated from their mothers, or bonded siblings will experience anxiety and stress with that change, throw in an empty house and their anxiety levels could reach breaking point. Be sure to negate this with plenty of pet sitting visits. A healthy pet is a happy pet.