Bloody Good!

On February 22nd we posted a pic on our Instagram Page @Pawkeepetsitting which caught global attention. Why so important? Well, it discussed the topic of your pet’s health, something we all have in mind.

Instagram post about dog and cats can donate too

Cats and dogs can donate blood. Healthy dogs aged 1 to 7 who have been vaccinated, are free of infections and parasites and are not on any medication, make ideal candidates for blood donation. Cats must weigh more than 10 pounds, live indoors only and be 2 to 7 to donate blood. Cats also must test negative for the feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

Dogs and cats like humans, have their own blood types and therefore donors must be matched with donees. Calm, friendly, easygoing dogs and cats are usually the best candidates for donation, as they are not normally sedated. Often, blood banks or veterinary hospitals offer benefits for donating, such as free blood testing or gift certificates for pet supplies - so it’s win win!

If you think your pet would be the purrfect donor, you can register online at