Pandemic Pets, our Furry Best Friends

It’s no secret that we’ve all felt a little lonely at one point during the pandemic. Missing friends and family, social distancing, quarantining; it’s made us realize that we are creatures of comfort, and what makes you feel more comfortable? Waking up to the little pitter patter of paws running up the stairs, opening the front door and being greeted with utter excitement, or just a soft cuddle buddy...there’s nothing more comforting.

Cat waking up in the morning, Pawkee Pet Sitting

The Ontario SPCA says nearly 3 in 10 Canadians adopted a pet during the pandemic. Pets have proven to be emotionally supportive, increasing dopamine levels and decreasing stress hormones. They have helped us through the hardest times of the pandemic and now there is light at the end of this Covid tunnel, are we going to be there for them? When things start to open again, when we are called back to the office, or are finally able to take an overdue vacation abroad, what is going to happen to our furry friends?

Dog waking up with owners on bed , Pawkee Pet Sitting

That’s where Pawkee comes in! We’re here for your pet when you’re away. For dogs who need to stretch their legs and have fun walking around the park while you're in the office. Or for cats who need to be fed and cuddled while you’re away on vacation. Look no further than Pawkee Pet Sitting and Dog Walking. 

Established in 2017, Pawkee has looked after over 700 pets across downtown Toronto. We customize our service to fit your needs! We offer 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour, drop in pet sitting or dog walking, 7 days a week, as many times a day as needed! Each visit comes with a complimentary email update to you with a photo, so you know your fur baby is doing just fine while you’re away. Check out our instagram @pawkeepetsitting to see our happy, furry friends, or visit to book with us!