Life as a Pawkee Pet Sitter

"Wow! You visit people's pets all day!? That's awesome", is what I hear on a daily basis, and for the most part they're right. But what is it really like to be a Pawkee pet sitter?

Firstly, being organised is key. Yes, I would love to spend that extra 20 minutes with the cat asleep on my lap, but when a customer's appointment time is over, it's up and out to the next visit! So although I hate to wake a sleeping kitty, or put the leash back on at a dog park, I have to strictly keep to my schedule.

On average I have about 8 visits a day (more during high seasons and holidays). Each visit can be either 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour, so the night before, I review my schedule for the next day and know exactly where I need to be and at what time. I also have to consider travel time and read the weather forecast so I know if I should drive, walk, or cycle.

When I wake up, the first thing I check is for any last minute bookings - has a customer had to go away unexpectedly, is someone's flight delayed, does someone have to work late? Last minute bookings happen frequently and Pawkee guarantees that whatever happens in life, we'll be there for your fur buddy. The next thing I do is a key inventory - do I have all the house keys I need for that day? All our keys are coded and stored away safely, so I check each customer's code and make sure I have the corresponding key.

After a quick coffee I start my day, I can go from rabbit sitting, to dog walking, to cat sitting, to puppy visiting, to giving a taxi ride to a chincilla (trust me it's happened). One thing I can say for sure is that no day is ever the same. I love the variety, the different needs of each pet, their different personalities and characteristics. I take great pride in getting to know each pet that I look after and treat them with the same love and attention as my own pets and fosters. I also purposely change it up, Pawkee is pleased to offer solo walks, so even if I have a dog that I walk everyday, we can choose a different route, which makes everyday exciting!

Pet sitting is an amazing job that I wouldn't change for the world, but it is definitely hard work! The prolonged snow, wind and rain has made dog walking exhausting. In the summer I cycle everywhere and distracted drivers have knocked me off my bike one too many times. Yet everyday (yes 7 days a week) I wake up with a smile and an enthusiam ready to make all the pets im about to see happy - yes, that's what makes it, seeing those tails wagging, hearing those purrs, reassuring all the pet parents out there that their furbaby is doing just fine!