Introducing a New Pet into the Home

You’ve had your beloved cat for years now, but you want her to have some company and you have enough love to give to two cats. So you’ve decided to bring a second cat into the home. Where do you start? Do you just throw them in to the same room and hope for the best? This probably isn’t a good idea. Cats, like dogs, have dominant and submissive personalities that you should be aware of, especially when introducing a new pet.

2 Cats kissing

The key is gradual exposure, to let the resident cat get used to the newcomer. Separate each cat into different rooms and first transfer their scent backwards and forwards. For example, swap their bedding over and stroke one cat and then the other.

When it comes to dinner time, feed both cats on opposite sides of the same door, so they get a sound and scent introduction.

2 Cats having dinner


When they’re ready to meet, put the newest edition in a cat carrier and leave on the ground, so the resident cat can investigate at her own pace.

Make sure each cat has their own food and water bowls and their own litter box. By removing issues of conflict you are helping the harmony.

Remember to be patient, even the most territorial cats can learn to love new siblings!