How you can help Local Rescues

Here at Pawkee we love all creatures great and small, no matter their background or breed. We especially love and support the work of rescue groups and there are so many rescues right here in Ontario! They unconditionally spend their time, energy, money and big hearts caring for animals who have less fortunate upbringings or have found themselves in less than ideal situations. 
Pawkee thanks these groups for all the hard work they do to improve or even save the lives of these beautiful animals. Thinking of volunteering for a rescue but don’t know where to start? We can point you in the right direction.


Toronto Cat Rescue

[Toronto Cat Rescue Icon]


Toronto Cat Rescue is one of the largest cat rescue groups in Ontario. Often saving lives from as far as Quebec, this group is pawsome! Volunteer at one of their events, become a foster parent to a cat in need, adopt one of their kitties, or donate! All their info can be found here:

Save Our Scruff

This dog rescue works with groups abroad to bring pups in danger to a safe home here in Canada. Arranging everything from crates, travel buddies, transportation, fostering and adoption, this group truly is a miracle worker! Want to help fly a pup to Toronto? It’s way easier than you think! More info can be found here:

cute bunny

Rescue Angels Society

Rescue Angels Society is the place to turn to for all things rabbit! They specialize in bunny surrender, adoption and re-homing. Each year an alarming number of rabbits are surrendered or abandoned as people take on the responsibility of a rabbit, but do not have the time, financial resources or expertise to deal with them. It is vital for a bunny to have the right diet, exercise and stimulating environment in order to thrive. To learn more about Rescue Angels Society or to volunteer, please contact them through their Facebook Page: @Rescue.Angels.Society.Bunny.Rescue