Happy Anniversary Seeing Eye Dogs 🐶🐾 💕

Celebrating The Seeing Eye Dog…

January 29 is The Seeing Eye Guide Dog Anniversary. We’d like to give a shout out to all of the canines who serve as their owners’ eyes and ears.  These special dogs loyalty and learned skills keep them safe and allow them to be fully functioning individuals.  We’d also like to recognize the school that trains them. Seeing eye dogs undergo incredibly rigorous training to be able to safely navigate the world and all its obstacles for their human. That is why they’re incredibly deserving of this celebration.


Started in 1929 by Morris Frank,

The Seeing Eye is the oldest guide dog school in the world. Mr. Frank brought the idea to the United States after seeing that blind veterans from WWI were using them in Germany. Thanks to The Seeing Eye and other organizations like it, training methods as well as laws are improving so that individuals with seeing eye dogs aren’t limited by their impairment.

Of course, always remember to ask before petting a working animal as any distraction can widen the margin for injury.