Is 1 Human Minute Really 7 Dog Minutes?


They say 1 human year is equivalent to about 7 dog years. Which would essentially mean that 1 human minute is 7 dog minutes - an awfully long time, but is this common theory really true? 

The idea of ‘dog years’ actually stems from the life expectancy of dogs compared to humans, so it wouldn't be correct to apply this idea to minutes and seconds.

Dogs do not have the concept of time perception and only live in the present. Unlike humans, who can consciously plan ahead and know what happened exactly yesterday. Living in the present could explain why dogs experience anxiety when their owners leave, because they cannot rationalize when their owner will be returning.

It is clear that dogs have memories and can miss a person when they're gone, as anyone who has owned a dog knows how they can show overwhelming excitement when that person returns!
happy dog

However, memories and the perception of time are different. Dogs remember smells, sounds and sights to recall people and experiences. While it may seem that your dog knows exactly what time is dinner time and when he will go on a walk, this, according to research, is down to internal biological rhythms, such as daily fluctuations of hormones, body temperature, and neural activity.

If dogs only live in the present, this would explain why they are so happy to be reunited with their owner, even if their owner has only been away for 5 minutes! Maybe we should all take a leaf out of our pup's book and 'live in the moment' every once in awhile!